As a vocalist, you don’t have to struggle...

Sky's the limit! In the music education world, you don’t have to just be a music teacher, limiting your talents to school districts and children 5 days per week.

You don’t have to be an indie artist or backup singer, relying on inconsistent tour schedules and paychecks that leave your finances on edge. And maybe there’s more beyond just directing the choir in church, as God may have a bigger plan for your talents.


What if I told you there was a way, you could generate more than enough income to live comfortably, and without worry even during a pandemic?

A way to sing as much as you want, and help others at the same time?

Hi, I am Ashaala Shanae

a Celebrity Vocal Health Expert and Pedagogy Performance Coach. I have over 20 years of experience providing voice care and vocal instruction, working in the Music and Entertainment Industry as a professional Vocal Incubator. 

I’ve worked with major music acts, such as Award-Winning Music Icon, Patti LaBelle, Grammy Award Winning Latin Icon, Jon Secada; Grammy Nominated Best New Artist Tarriona "Tank" Ball; Warner Music Group - Spain, Flamenco Soul Singer, Pitingo; Grammy Award Winning Gospel Singer Yolanda Adams; Multi-Award Winning Gospel Artist and Radio Personality, Erica Campbell; Grammy Award Winning Artist Q Parker (112); Sony Music Latin Pop Recording Artist, Carla Mauri; Universal Music Group Latin Recording Artists Manu Manzo, Elettra Lamborghini; Latin Pop-Artist, Natti Natasha; Gospel Award Winning Artists Jonathan Nelson, Todd Galberth, KJ Scriven and BET Sunday Best Season 5 Winner -, Joshua Rogers; Dove Award Winning Gospel Singer - Martha Munizzi; and Grammy Award Winning Soul Singer, Betty Wright; as well as a plethora of others.

She’s also had the privilege of sharing the stage with many music industry greats such as, Angie Stone, Queen Latifah, Monica, Kem, Ledisi, Chaka Khan, SWV, Mary Mary, J Moss, JJ Hairston, Maranda Curtis, Benita Jones, Papa San, William Murphy III, Tasha Cobbs-Leonard, Donnie McClurkin, Deitrick Haddon, Travis Greene, Jonathan McReynolds and many others.

I have built a successful Vocal Coaching and Instructional agency, The Music and Arts Healing Institute (M.A.H.I.), having generated over a million dollars in revenue… and currently, I have more client demand than availability.

That's where you come in...

I'm looking to train vocal coaches that I can bring into my network and refer clients out to you.

Imagine, no longer being a starving artist or creative, struggling to make ends meet.

No longer working deadend jobs and finally earning the respect of your family that keeps telling you to get a “real job”, all while doing what you love.

I have been where you are, and I have figured out the formula to turning your passion for voice and music, into a real tangible healthy business even during an economic recession.

And the best part is you don’t need to chase after a music contract or work someone else’s 9 to 5...

(I know, isn’t that a relief?!)

Maybe you have a degree in music, but never put it to use… I want to give you a way to legitimize your music career, so you don’t feel like you’ve wasted your degree. Or maybe you have some college experience, but you never finished, and have just been taking side gigs to make ends meet… 

I’d love to be the person that helps you generate consistent income without that back alley bar and tour life.

Or you could have no music educational experience or background at all, but you are just naturally gifted at singing, and people ask you to teach… you just may not have the structure and curriculum to keep them as healthy clients long term; especially in voice care practices, vocal health etiquette, and the physiology and anatomy of the voice box.  

Here’s the good news…

I am definitely pro-education! However, I want you to know that you don’t necessarily have to go the traditional way by attending a 4-year university. To be equipped in this area, you just need a certifiable program, access to a mentor, a passion to teach, and business strategies that’s going to deliver you consistent income and financial stability.

I got you… and while I’m sure this sounds too good to be true, it’s not… I’m living proof that this industry can be good for vocalists if we train and set up our own agencies.

I’m all about creative entrepreneurship and creating a career that’s deeper than being in the background of someone else’s dream.

And I’m ready to train you to share my client demand, and so my phone stops ringing off the hook!

Today, if you’re ready to take a different and results-driven approach to your career as a vocalist and/or aspiring coach, I’m inviting you to signup to train as a M.A.H.I. Certified Vocal Health Instructor in my Phase One eCourse.

*(This is Phase One of a Three (3) Phase Certification Program)*

Imagine within the next 3 months, you could have a long-term curriculum to attract and retain clients, real science-based education on the larynx and pharynx, along with a well-tested business model to start and scale your own vocal health instruction and coaching career.


Here’s what you’ll learn as part of the M.A.H.I. Vocal Health Instructor Certification - Phase One eCourse
*This is Phase One of a Three (3) Phase M.A.H.I. Pro-Voice Masters Instructor Certification Program*

  • We’ll start you with the prerequisites of understanding the business of vocal coaching by unlocking the Ten (10) Entrepreneurial Keys Every Aspiring Voice Instructorshould know. 
  • You’ll discover important physiological and anatomical facts about the Larynx and Pharynx, which will better equip you in teaching proper Vocal Health Etiquette and Voice Care practices to your potential clients.  
  • You’ll learn about appropriate assessments for your potential clients such as pH Level testing, stress tests, nutrition planning, and identifying and interpreting voice disorders on a laryngoscopy chart
  • You’ll gain access through webinars and live zoom calls to the inside world of different Vocal Health Professionals affiliated with the M.A.H.I, Voice Masters Pro Network such as Speech Language Pathologists; Vocologists; Otolaryngologists (also known as Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctors – ENTs); proficient Voice Instructors; and seasoned Performance Coaches. *This opportunity is only for subscribed and/or VIP members that are a part of the M.A.H.I. Elite Instructor’s Community Network. As a student, you get complimentary access to this network for 3 months as part of your enrollment.
  • You’ll even receive BONUS access to the '4 ‘M’s to Six Figures for Creative Entrepreneurs' - a reading resource teaching you how to reach financial freedom and a potential six-figure income in the world of Creative Entrepreneurship through learning how to Manage, Market, Monetize, and Maximize in your area of expertise.

Currently, there is a huge demand for well trained vocal coaches, and the opportunity for you to build not just a six-figure vocal coaching career,
but also financial stability. 

As Featured In

So not only am I going to teach you how to setup your own six-figure vocal coaching enterprise, but I’m also going to refer business to you from my personal network! (This is contingent upon you completing the program and maintaining your certification licensing.)

When you complete the M.A.H.I. Vocal Health Instructor Certification, you can become...

  • A Vocal Health Instructor
  • A Private Vocal Health Coach
  • A Celebrity Vocal Health Coach

You’ll be connected to the M.A.H.I. Pro-Voice Masters Affiliate Network Community, which means you can leverage my vocal mentorship to build your vocal health and coaching career.

Client Testimonials


"I've grown so much since I started with Ashaala and The M.A.H.I.. Its been an amazing journey where I've developed as an Artist in every aspect. I've become a better singer, performer, and writer. I gained security with my technique and it shows when I'm on stage. Thank you Ashaala for being there throughout this journey. Can't wait to see where it will lead to next!"


"Working with Ashaala Shanae is an extreme privilege! She pushes you beyond your limits, encourages you mentally and spiritually while constantly caring for you whole health! The best isn't enough to express the Vocal Coach genius that's Ashaala Shanae!"  


"It has been an absolute pleasure working with one of the best in the industry. Ashaala has helped me find my voice and I am truly grateful to have her in my life as my Vocal Coach."


"My experience with Ashaala as my Vocal Coach is incredible, challenging, and life changing! I don't think I would have been able to get through a two and a half hour live recording without her! She pushed me and challenged me to change the way I think and my approach to singing. I'm so grateful for her and look forward to her pushing me even greater to being the best singer I can be."  

You’ll be connected to the M.A.H.I. Pro-Voice Masters Affiliate Network Community, which means you can leverage my vocal mentorship to build your vocal coaching career.

And this can all be done from the comfort of your home on your own schedule, by completing the following…

  • Twenty (20) on-demand video lectures
  • One (1) Downloadable PDF Curriculum Checklist
  • Seventeen (17) PDF Articles of Course Related Reading Material and Lecture Charts
  • Four (4) Individualized Segment Quizzes and One (1) End of Course Final Exam
  • Three (3) Instructor in Training Section Practicals – Video Uploads
  • Free VIP Access to the M.A.H.I. Pro-Voice Masters Affiliate Network Community for 3 months*
  • Certificate of Completion 
  • Official M.A.H.I. Vocal Health Instructor - Phase One Merch

This is not your average "online course", this Vocal Health Certification program was designed to open new doors and send you clients, so you can finally have a career in music and voice education that comes with more financial stability.

To receive the certification, all enrolled students must complete the following curriculum:

The Business of Vocal Coaching:

10 Entrepreneurial Keys Every Aspiring Voice Instructor Should Know

($9,999 value)

The 4 “M”s to generating a Six-Figure income in the World of Vocal Coaching.

($9,999 value) Plus an Add-on Exclusive Lecture (a $599 value)

Vocal Health 101: The Physiology and Anatomy of the

Laryngopharynx – Part One

($2,999 value)

Vocal Health 101: The Physiology and Anatomy of the

Laryngopharynx – Part Two

($2,999 value)

Vocal Health 101: The Physiology and Anatomy of the

Laryngopharynx – Part Three

($2,999 value)

The total value of the M.A.H.I. Vocal Health Instructor Certification program is $29,594!

HOWEVER, I believe that those of you, who are truly ready to take advantage of their skills and get trained as a Certified Vocal Health Instructor, are action takers!

If you are ready to take action today, I am willing to make you a special offer.

Get 90% OFF the total value when you register for the certification program TODAY!

That is a total savings of $27,595! That is almost $28,000 in savings!

But you have to act fast, this offer is for action takers, and true decision makers that are ready to begin a new career right now, and start their own business as a Vocal Health Instructor.

We can’t give this discounted tuition rate to everyone. This offer is for a limited time, and for a limited number of students. 

But wait, there’s more! 

We understand that our pockets do not always match our dreams. 

Therefore, we are giving you three EASY payment options to help you make a decision right now, that will change your life. *Tuition Payment Plan Options: (Electronic Billing - Automatic Payments Required) 


1 Payment of $1999



3 Payments of $899


6 Payments of $498

That’s an investment of less than $2,000
to start a new career and a NEW business!
*based on 'best value' option* 

  • After joining the M.A.H.I. Vocal Health Coach Certification program you will:
  • Become a certified vocal health instructor trained by one of the top industry experts
  • Establish your own vocal coaching business
  • Generate income that has potential to reach well over 6 figures
  • Have the tools and the knowledge to achieve financial freedom
  • Enjoy VIP Access to the M.A.H.I. Pro-Voice Masters Affiliate Network Community for 3 months
  • Have access to my private network of celebrity clientele
  • Know how to market your business Know how to manage your business
  • Know how to monetize your business
  • Become well versed in physiological and anatomical studies on the larynx and pharynx
  • Have the ability to teach vocal health etiquette
  • Have the ability to teach vocal health care
  • Have the ability to assess your clients, including pH Levels
  • Have the ability to perform stress tests
  • Have the ability to conduct nutrition planning
  • Have the ability to identify and interpret voice disorders on a laryngoscopy chart


  • Gain access to webinars and live zoom calls to the inside world of different Vocal Health Professionals affiliated with the M.A.H.I.
  • Gain access to Voice Masters Pro Network such as Speech Language Pathologists; Vocologists; Otolaryngologists (also known as Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctors – ENTs)
  • Gain access to proficient Voice Instructors, and seasoned Performance Coaches

All this for less than $2,000!
*based on 'best value' option* 

You won’t find another program offering you this much value, at this discounted tuition rate.

So, I ask you, are you ready to take action, and take advantage of this 90% off before it ends? You can decide to not take action and keep living your life the same way, wishing that you had a career and a business in the industry you love, doing what you are most passionate about.

You could continue being a school music teacher, or directing the church choir, struggling to make ends meet, and looking at tv wishing life was different.


You could take a risk, make a change, and take action right now.

I believe you are reading this for a reason, you are ready for change, but just don’t know how.

Maybe you have been wishing for a mentor, some guidance, a way in to the industry elite and a blueprint to financial freedom.

If you are ready to change the course of your career, start generating real income, own your own business in the industry that you love, and help others, click the link below to get started today.

I‘ll be waiting to welcome you!

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